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The procedure for opening an account in a foreign bank



What do you need an account for?

First of all, you need to decide how you plan to use the account, namely the nature, frequency of operations and geography of payments.

Transaction accounts

If the account is to be used quite actively, then you need a bank that works with active companies engaged in classical trade in goods and services.

Personal accounts

If you plan to work with the bank personally, then you need a bank specializing in working with private clients.

Innovative banking services

If you are starting a new business and it is somehow connected with innovation, then you need a bank that serves startups, e-commerce and understands how to work with cryptocurrency.


In which country would you like to open an account?

The choice of a country depends on your personal preferences and the tasks you are facing. If we are talking about a corporate account, we recommend that you consider the geography of future counterparties. In addition, it will be easier to work if the country of registration of the company and the country of the bank's location coincide. Regardless of the tasks, it is worthwhile to carefully study the history of the bank, its ownership structure, and the presence of authoritative international ratings.


Are you familiar with regulatory requirements?

In the modern world, working with a foreign account requires knowledge in the field of currency regulation - for personal accounts, combating aggressive tax planning and money laundering - for corporate accounts. Before opening an account, we recommend that you carefully evaluate all the risks of interaction with foreign financial institutions.

Avoid getting into this field.

Seriously, offshore companies

no longer work, and that is why.

Do you know how to choose the best bank?

World of Banks is designed to make your choice of a foreign bank as simple as possible. We do not just communicate with banks - we try to understand what is interesting to them today, what customers they are waiting for, and what requirements they place on them. We understand the difficulties that customers face today, whose residence does not coincide with the residence of the bank of interest. Thanks to a customized filter system synchronized with the logic of foreign banks, you can find your optimal financial partner and build clear and long-term relationships with it.


Do you know how to pass compliance?

Compliance is the most important procedure at the stage of meeting with any foreign financial institution. You need to be prepared for the bank to request information about the existing business, sources and amount of wealth, as well as data confirming the "tax purity" of the client in the country of residence and abroad. All this, as a rule, requires substantiations supported by documents.

Account is open

Congratulations, mission accomplished,

you can start playing big!

Looking for the best foreign bank?

World of Banks is the first platform in the world that allows you to choose a foreign bank to suit your personal needs and the characteristics of your business. World of Banks is a full-fledged information resource where you can learn about everything related to opening an account abroad, the latest news about foreign banks working with non-residents, as well as all significant changes in legislation and regulatory requirements for banks and their foreign clients both in the country where the client is located and in the country where the account is opened.