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Курсы валют по ЦБ РФ

Pictet Bank

Великобритания и ещё 25 стран, с 1805 г.

Pictet is a private bank specialised in asset and wealth management. Established in Geneva since 1805, it ranks among Switzerland’s leading private banks and is one of the premier independent asset managers in Europe. As an investment-led service company, Pictet offers only wealth management, asset management and related asset services.

Ключевые особенности Pictet Bank

Русскоговорящие сотрудники

Без личного присутствия в офисе банка

Удаленное открытие счета

Operating in 26 locations worldwide with investments for clients spread over more than 80 countries, Pictet was ranked best custodian overall in the world according to the latest 2014 surveys by Global Investor and R&M. Origin : Geneva, Switzerland

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